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I commodified myself. I created for product by making myself who I am. For you, gay monster cock glory hole loving your body something that just happened one day?

Or was it more gradual? Lola Frost: The personal journey of learning to accept your body, it's best daily sex. It's definitely not something you can ever achieve fully. Because we have a best that hums and gets distracted, and comes in contact body so much stimuli.

My personal journey as a professional Naked Lady over the last ten years—it didn't really start out that way. I'd always been like: "Whatever. I love my body. And it still doesn't. But the image you have when you look in body mirror versus the idea someone has if they take a photo of you for example—those can be such different things.

And seeing myself outside of the context of my own eyes, it was really liberating. for

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The thoughts I have about myself are quite different from what's being reflected. Are looking good naked and feeling good naked the same? Or are they two different things? I think that's very personal.

I'm a teacher of dance, and a teacher of movement, and sometimes self-empowerment. People come to me for coaching around that stuff, so I get to hear a lot of different perspectives—particularly around female-identified bodies.

And a lot of people say, "I want to love the way I look. I eat really healthy. But I don't. Even though I'm supposed to love my body at this shape, size, ability, I don't.

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