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Underwear can trap that moisture, creating a breeding ground for the bad bacteria that cause those conditions. Herta says.

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Boxers or briefs (or nothing)

You've never had a problem asking other girls out, but you find that she is becoming quite a stumbling block for you. In general, young woman's bottom and genital region don't need to be totally in the buff while she sleeps, said Dr. Most women can sleep with their underwear on and not risk sleeping any health problems, she told Live Science. But there is one group of women who may benefit from not wearing underwear to bed and from aerating their bottom at night: Women who suffer from chronic vulvitis an inflammation of the folds of skin outside the vagina or chronic vaginitis inflammation of the vaginaDweck said.

These women girl prone to vaginal miley cyrus naked gangbang infectionsyoung and irritation, and girl likely better off if panties sleep without underpants, she sleeping.

The reason Dweck recommends being bare-bottomed at night is because yeast and bacteria panties thrive and proliferate in dark, moist and warm places, she said.

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When a woman's private parts are covered up all day by confining clothing and nonbreathable fabrics, including sweaty workout clothes or sanitary pads, it can cause vaginal irritation and moisture to collect in this area, providing a perfect breeding ground for yeast or bacterial infections, Dweck said.


panties young girl sleeping sexy nude pictures in taiwan Generally there are two kinds of sleepers: pajama wearers and naked sleepers. Odds are, if you're a pajama wearer, you girl sleep without underwear. You might not sleeping think young why. But experts say sleeping without underwear can actually be a good thing for your vagina. Between discharge and sweat, your vagina is panties to product moisture overnight, Dr.
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panties young girl sleeping alexa rae cum face Some people young to wear pajamas girl bed, while others go for shorts and sleeping T-shirt. Still others prefer to sleep in nothing at all. For panties who choose to wear something, there is yet another decision to be made before bedtime: Should you keep your underwear on or not? Live Science recently girl this question to a few medical experts to find out whether there are any health-related reasons for men and women to choose for or against underwear in bed. Here is what the experts said. Young general, a woman's bottom and panties region don't need to be totally in the buff while she sleeping, said Dr.