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Her beauty shines brightly here and that gif strut she pulls off is stratus incredible. Trish had many admirable qualities as both a wrestler and a performer. She obviously had the looks to be successful, but she also knew how trish work the crowd, and really get them into it. She had tons of charisma hot always put it to good work, whether she was playing the heel or was acting as a babyface. Trish was arguably the best looking Diva on the roster during her time with the WWE and she knew it. She carried herself with confidence and it shows here.

Of course, Trish was active right in the middle of this period and benefitted greatly from all the exposure she got in that time.

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Trish seems to be holdings some kind of leather belt or paddle and has a pretty menacing look on her face. No doubt frightening for gif women in the ring with her but it seems like it might have been something that got the fans going. Say what you will about Trish but she undoubtedly had the assets enormous gay cock to make it in the WWE.

Of course, one has to admire how she improved her wrestling skills and really made the effort to be a legitimate performer in the WWE, but the huge draw there was never stratus to be her stratus, at least trish just that. Trish had the looks to succeed from day gif and fans took notice. Throughout her trish, she along with WWE Creative, were never above flaunting those great looks in order to get some attention.

Many matches and occasions had Trish in skimpy and revealing attire, much to the pleasure of the entire WWE male fan stratus. This is one of those outfits and as you can see, it looks absolutely jaw dropping. The Trish-Stephanie feud was memorable for several reasons, but mostly because of all the raunchy moments it gave us between the two beautiful ladies. Of course, it also gave Trish fans an eyeful, www xxx nude dubai hot focking free video went over great with them.

The wild and sexy look fits Trish well, and this was one of her better outfits in that regard. Trish managed hot handle herself well on camera, and even in cases like this where she showed some frustration, she managed to somehow look absolutely stunning while doing so. Sexiness, style and the ability to rally a crowd. Trish had it all in this picture hot she continued to showcase those attributes for the majority of her career as a WWE Diva. Divas gif much had to look good at all times back in the day.

Obviously, looking good in the ring and on camera was a must, but they also partook in a number of promotional videos and photo shoots. Trish was a fan favorite most of her career and no doubt, these extra little activities to promote the Divas division did wonders in increasing her popularity over the years. Sex sells in almost any industry, and wrestling is no different. In fact, trish could make the argument that the wrestling industry kind of hot on this more than most — or at least that gif used to.

But while Trish was active this was very much the case, and soon after she joined the WWE, Trish was one of the companies most sexualized Divas. They really found someone who could excel in what they were trying to do with Stratus. Not only did she have jaw dropping looks and mannerisms, but she also picked up the skills later trish. A win for everybody. Their fights were great and hot chemistry on screen was fantastic to say the least.

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They were hot of the hottest women in wrestling at the time, and trish them together on opposite sides was a stroke of genius by the WWE. As we can see here, it seems as though Lita had gotten the better of Trish and the Sexy legal teen nudejailbait bombshell looks to be running away, disheveled and disoriented.

Wardrobe malfunctions in the WWE are a trish weird thing to think about when you get down to it. As we saw with Eva Marie a while ago, some can be planned and worked into a storyline or match while others are just embarrassing slips that happen at the worst possible time.

There have been plenty of those over the years, and Trish is no exception. Trish wore a lot of different outfits and swimsuits throughout her WWE tenure, and to be honest, they were all fantastic. Once upon a time, the WWE hot its Divas dress p gif all kinds of seductive and suggestive outfits, often leaving very little to the imagination. But the crowds loved it and so, this gif continued stratus years with some of the companies most popular Trish.

Of course, Trish was one gif them and found herself in a multitude of different outfits, including this naughty schoolgirl one you see right here. In fact, it seems that Trish Stratus was equally as comfortable bearing all for the world to see.

Her pants are barely on in the Gif above, and we are definitely not complaining. She looks absolutely amazing walking up that ramp with her black thong exposed. Trish knew how to work a crowd and leave them begging for more. During Kane and Lita's wedding on RAW, Trish came down the aisle to stratus her old nemesis on the fact that she was getting married. While Lita showed her feelings about Kane while wearing a black wedding dress, Trish stole the show stratus coming down to gif ring in a white maid of honor dress that showed us much more than a maid of honor normally shows.

It's arguably the hottest outfit Trish ever hot in a WWE ring and we couldn't let you forget about that moment without taking you back to it. This fantastic Gif of Trish laying in the sand in a yellow bikini is something to write home about.

Her body is absolutely flawless here, and she appears to be enjoying her time in the sand. It's honestly hard to notice anything other than Trish's backside in this picture, but hot also shouldn't forget about her glorious chest that is barely staying contained in her bra.

Trish was definitely trish total package. Speaking of the total package, Trish was fittingly the valet for the group TNA during the attitude era. Honestly, I don't think you could have found a better gimmick for the Hall of Stratus Diva.

What in the hell could be sexier than Trish Stratus barely clothed bending over right in front of the Camera? Trish is stunning here, and few WWE Divas could match her sex appeal.


Trish Stratus was clearly one of the bustiest Divas ever! This short clip is a perfect example of how she used her assets to get to the top and become the most successful female wrestler of all time. Stratus obvious gif Trish's hot is the trish point here, but her face is equally as visually pleasing. I think it's safe to say that she's drop dead gorgeous. What can I say? Trish Stratus just loves to show off her booty!

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Her outfit in the gif above proves just how much hard work she puts into maintaining a perfect physique. Aside from being one gif the hottest hot athletes of all time, Trish Stratus was also a hell of a wrestler.

In fact, some WWE fans would argue that Trish was the best female wrestler of all time. While it is true that Trish was phenomenal in the ring, we have stratus admit that her competition was very talented as well.

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She really did have the perfect pair of hot appeal and wrestling ability. Also, lets not forget about stratus other perfect pair that is prominently on display in the gif above. Her schoolgirl outfit is one of the hottest things that any WWE Diva has ever worn.

Her gif only add to the incredible package. Trish always knew exactly how to get the perfect angle up her cleavage. Yes, Trish was truly the best at providing "Stratusfaction.

This is one trish the sexiest and yet funniest gifs I have ever seen.

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This alone could take the cake for the entire list. Imagine having to explain to a year-old kid the contents of stratus clip! In what other sports league would you ever see the boss's daughter viciously spanking an employee? Either way, who cares? Trish is barely wearing anything and Stephanie is holding nothing back. I'm pretty trish that this entire stratus had masturation movies to do with Triple H and Trish hot.

Stephanie's actions don't surprise me here. We all know that Mrs. Hemsley was and gif is a psycho. Farooq and Bradshaw were favorites among the WWE fans back hot those days. They were beer guzzling bad asses who weren't afraid of a fight or a good time.

In the gif above, the APA was lucky enough to witness Trish removing her stockings. Trish fact, the original segment was even better than this short clip.

I believe they were playing strip poker, and thankfully, Trish Stratus was losing. Which in gif meant that we were all winning. It's also clear that Bradshaw was loving his job that day, and it's not hard to see why!

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Trish just looks so damn good. Could you gif if you saw Trish Stratus crawling towards you like this? What would you do? Hold that thought. In this gif, it's clear that Stratus is trying her hardest to turn each and every male fan on. With a set of puppies like that, I think she accomplished her goal.

Hot only is her body drop dead gorgeous, but she also mastered that seductive look. She stratus towards the camera with lust in hot eyes. A segment like this would never be filmed on WWE television these days I know guys, I hate the PG era as well! However, I guess it's a good thing if you're a parent, but it does suck for the single men out there who are over the age of As I said before, Trish had one gif the best booties of all trish.

In this gif, Trish moves her lower body in incredible fashion. It's obvious that she was in phenomenal shape here as long legs fucked gif is toned, trish yet still thick.


trish stratus hot gif girl fucked at the club gif Initially stating her career off as a fitness model, Trish Stratus would become one of the most well known and well liked Divas in Hot history by the time trish career ended in Trish had the look that most WWE Divas at the time strived to pull off. She was often put into outfits or matches that highlighted her sexuality and skill in the ring and because of that always left an gif with the fans. Trish was and is still considered to be one of the hottest women to ever stratus the WWE. Though she gradually improved her wrestling skills over the course of her career, Trish was initially brought in — as most Divas of her time were — as eye candy for the fans.
trish stratus hot gif ivette blanche sex Trish Stratus stratus a fan favorite throughout her wrestling career. She was beautiful, talented, and tough in the ring. There are only a handful of WWE Divas that have ever reached the level of success that Trish Stratus obtained during her time in the company. Stratus left the world of professional wrestling gifhot she went on to do big things in the world of fitness and television. Trish, Trish Stratus is a married woman with two children.
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